How We Work

                        From wherever you are to wherever you want to be, we will help you get there. Our team has helped students like you stand out from the competition and earn acceptances to top private high schools. Our program is highly individualized and focuses intensively on skill-building and signature project development. Therefore, it is limited to a select number of families.

                        Meet your team

                        We will assign you a team of experts who are trained in our curriculum and managed by our education team. From there, we do everything through video chat, phone, and email. No matter where you are, we are always one click away.

                        Develop your edge

                        A great application starts long before pen meets paper. In this program, our counselors will help you develop your academic interests, engage in unique extracurricular activities, strengthen your personal qualities, hone your leadership skills, and ultimately, position you to get into the best high schools possible.

                        Tell your story

                        Applications are not just forms to fill out. Bridging the gap between who you are and how you appear on paper takes serious work. From creating a school list to editing essays to interview prep, our counselors will guide your family every step of the way.

                        Earn your acceptance

                        Our admissions experts, unparalleled resources, and strategic approach will bring your dream schools into reach. No matter which private high schools you aspire to, if you want to maximize your chances, we’re here to help. We’ve done it hundreds of times before, and we’re ready to do it again. It’s your turn.

                        Our Services

                        From application preparation through private school acceptances, our team will be there every step of the way.

                        Our Results

                        Our approach works. We have the results to prove it.

                        Choate Rosemary Hall
                        Phillips Exeter Academy
                        Phillips Academy Andover
                        The Taft School
                        Harvard Westlake
                        The Loomis Chaffee School
                        The Lawrenceville School
                        Deerfield Academy
                        Cate School
                        Horace Mann School
                        The Thacher School

                        Groton School
                        Northfield Mount Hermon School (NMH)
                        Tabor Academy
                        Williston Northampton
                        Cate School
                        Kent School
                        The Gunnery
                        Mercersburg Academy
                        Peddie School
                        Milton Academy



                        Student A
                        Hotchkiss, Pomfret, Loomis-Chaffee

                        As an above-average student with good but not great test scores, I thought my son had almost no chance of transferring into a good boarding school. For him to be admitted to Hotchkiss and Pomfret was an absolute shock to our family, and set him on a path to success. Based on the skills he developed in his years with InGenius, he ended up with all As at Hotchkiss and was just admitted to Tufts University—previously, his high school guidance counselor had told him he’d be lucky to be admitted to a Top 100 college based on his profile. We’re forever grateful for your dedication, care, and motivation to push him to the next level!



                        Student B
                        Junior Boarding: North Country School

                        With both of our sons finally now into top boarding schools, our most honest assessment is simple: InGenius has changed our family’s lives. We can’t wait to see what you can help them achieve for college!



                        Student C
                        Exeter, Loomis Chaffee

                        My family and I could not be happier, and I am grateful for all the help that all of you gave me. I can’t wait to be a part of the Exeter community - Non Sibi!


                        Student D
                        Cheshire Academy, St. Johnsbury

                        My son was in a tough situation at Grade 9. Your team’s mentorship helped him to transfer to a much stronger boarding school, and that has truly improved his situation and his happiness. Even if he will endure bumps in the road, he’s much better prepared as a result of InGenius’ support.



                        Student E
                        Cranbrook School

                        On our first try, we did not get accepted to a satisfactory school. Once we found InGenius, my counselor helped me re-apply. I got into Cranbrook - literally 100 ranking spots higher than my previous year’s results.

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